How to find a self-esteem therapist in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a great place to live, and if you already live here you know that.  It is full of opportunity, experiences to have and of course the beautiful beaches!

Finding a therapist seems harder then it should be.  And with Los Angeles being so large and spread out the search can seem endless. In addition, with so many transplants moving to Los Angeles, leaving their homes and social support systems, a decrease in self-esteem is common. 

Some people don't attain treatment because it seems inconvenient, they are embarrassed or are worried that the focus on it will magnify the symptoms.  However, these same people are avoiding situations that trigger low self-esteem, which makes aspects of life very inconvenient.  And these same people are also spending a lot of time and energy worrying about when they will be triggered, and mentally cycling down thinking about the situations and how bad they feel about themselves.  Some of these people start obsessing over the things that are "not good enough" about them, and some are even trying to "fix" those things about themselves.  Others may be trying to self-medicate or even self-harm.  

Now yes, in therapy the low self-esteem will be discussed, but with the goal of increasing self-awareness of the process.  And by providing numerous tools to help reduce the symptoms associated.  Therefore, in the end, you will be spending significantly less time worrying about and dealing with the low self-esteem and symptoms associated.  

So, are you now ready to start the search?  If so, here are a list of questions to ask a potential self-esteem therapist:

1. Have you worked with people dealing with low self-esteem before? 

2.  What methods do you use to work with low self-esteem symptoms? 

3.  How effective have these methods been?  

4. How long do you expect I will be in therapy?

5. Do you think you can help me and why?

In addition to finding someone knowledgeable and experienced, it is also important you enjoy working with that therapist.  So, along with these questions, you want to look for a therapist that you feel comfortable talking to, feel like you can trust, and who you seem to have a good connection with.  The benefit of having so many therapists in Los Angeles, is you have the opportunity to find a great fit for you.  I hope this has been valuable for you and I wish you luck on your search!!!