"I've seen two other therapists in my life and Jeanne has been the best.  Usually you get the person who sits takes notes and just asks how you feel.  Jeanne on the other hand will ask how you feel but also provide good advice and insight.  There were some times were she talked more than me BUT it was exactly what I needed.  I left my sessions feeling better and looking forward to the next one.  Time flies and sometimes she goes over time and doesn't seem to mind.  Ooh also she took the time to get to know me even before our first session which I really appreciated.  Currently she accepts Cigna (in-network) which is a plus for me!"  G.A.

"Jeanne is a great one-on-one therapist. What I like most about her approach is she is very feedback oriented where she gives her views of given situations back to you after they process through her mind mixed with the benefit of all her studies and her own life experiences as well. Her feedback is always on-point which shows she is also a great listener, taking it all in. And that's a lot to take in. Her ways of seeing and feeling and expressing are refreshing and positive and while offering a different perspective, are not so different to be inapplicable or pressuring. They are very applicable and when applied, offer great benefits. What I also like most is she feels real with what she says. True or not, as really how real are any of us even at our most real, perhaps even unbeknownst to us, but it worked for me to allow me to feel her as being real. And that's a big thing. It's what allows it to work and be worthwhile at all for me. She is a gifted therapist."  H.M.