Is Low Self-Esteem Impacting You in Los Angeles?

Low Self-Esteem: You know that you have a lot to offer this world.  But at times you doubt yourself to the point that you give up, or don't even try at all.  Maybe you avoid certain situations or people just because you can't help comparing yourself, or feeling not-good-enough, and you feel bad about it.  You may even think about certain incidents over and over until you feel even worse about yourself and don't see a way out.  You fear this is the way life will always be.  

Let's talk about what is happening... Many times part of what you are experiencing is thought cycling with negative internal dialogue.  This can be from belief systems you have about yourself or others, from past experiences and/or personal interpretations of present situations.  Maybe there is a momentary value to it such as a fear based protective measure, a gut warning, or even an avoidance approach.  Either way it is uncomfortable and highly stressful.  And for some people low self-esteem can lead to prolonged periods of depression, anxiety or both.  

You are not alone in this.  Many adults experience low self-esteem.  And it doesn't have to be in charge!  You can take control of your  life, and have a supportive, healthy relationship with yourself.  My name is Jeanne Prinzivalli, and I enjoy helping people reduce symptoms of low self-esteem that get in their way of enjoying life fully.

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